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AIX 6 ready for download!

Like I previously announced, IBM AIX 6 Beta will be openly available for free download and testing. This time has come and you can start downloading it right now from this page. More info here.

AIX 6 should bring a lot of new stuff especially when it comes to virtualization and high-availability issues. Some new features are ported directly from fault-tolerant systems which should provide even more stable and reliable systems. There will be no official support for Beta testing, but you can ask for help on one of the IBM forums.

Openness of IBM is a pretty new thing. This change in IBM policy is probably influenced by SUN’s opening of Solaris to the community. But even though some changes started, IBM is still far away from OpenSource and from opening code of it’s product to the OpenSource community. And that is a pity because I would really like to see the same usability features on some other UNIX operating systems. Sadly, even Linux is far behind AIX when it comes to usability.